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At AZClickyBrix, we take pride in sorting out the LEGO that we would consider "not fun to build with".  We strive to provide high quality parts and sets while trying to keep our prices low.  You can take comfort in purchasing from AZClickyBrix knowing that you will get parts that have not only been screened for quality, but are also cleaned prior to shipping.


Double count and screening verification when you order:

At the time of order fulfillment, all parts are meticulously verified twice to help ensure accuracy of the order and help minimize any parts getting shipped that are not what you ordered.  We do it for the love of the brick and our customer's satisfaction.

If there are ANY discrepancies discovered during packaging, you will be notified of the issue and togther, we can see what you want to do to ensure you are satisfied before the order ships.


Available Inventory not posted in the AZClickyBrix store:

We always have a fairly large inventory of items that have not been completely screened, washed or uploaded to the AZClickyBrix store inventory.  If there is a part that you are looking for and don't find it listed in our current store inventory, please contact us and we will see if we have it.


NO Additional Fees & NO Minimum Order Requirements:

AZClickyBrix does not require our customers to spend a certain amount in our store just to get the part they want.  If you want a $0.01 part, then you can buy just that 1 piece.  We also do not have any additional fees added to the order.  We have just ONE shipping fee that covers the current USPS postage rate for your location and the shipping costs associated in fulfilling your order.


We hope you enjoy shopping with AZClickyBrix as much as we enjoy providing you the parts you need.